August 2, 2011



Collaborative Divorce Process – Changing The Way Divorce Happens For Families

Gilsig Family Law and Mediation is different.  Let us make a difference in your separation and divorce! We find practical and effective solutions to separation and divorce issues using the collaborative divorce process, an innovative out of court process.  Our family lawyer, Marla Gilsig, has been practicing for over 30 years and is creative at […]

Affordable Quality Divorce Mediation

Client Intake Process:  Initial intake process is done using email and phone by our Office Administrator.  Simply send an email to with requesting a mediator to mediate your family separation or divorce dispute.  Your spouse and you will asked to complete an intake questionnaire.  When your spouse and you are ready, an appointment with […]

What are the Advantages of a Separation Agreement? Vancouver BC Family Lawyer Answers Your Questions

What is a Separation Agreement?  A separation agreement is a written binding contract of how a couple, common law or married, have settled the issues arising from the end of their relationship.  In British Columbia spouses are separated pursuant to the BC Family Law Act, if a spouse has communicated to the other spouse that […]

Collaborative Process Is For Divorcing Couples Who Want A Healthy Transition And The Best Separation Agreement

Have you and your spouse separated and are now seeking an alternative to the court-based process which is expensive, time consuming and adversarial?  Are you and your spouse seeking a dignified and low-conflict method to divorce?  The Collaborative Divorce Process is an out of court dispute resolution process that uses innovative and non-adversarial techniques to ensure […]