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FAMILY LAW SERVICES: Cohabitation, Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements. Collaborative Divorce, Mediation and Separation Agreements.

vancouver-monthly-statGilsig Family Law and Mediation is different.  Let us make a difference! We find practical and effective solutions to family legal issues.  Our law firm prides itself on keeping our overhead low to ensure that we are able to work in cost-effective ways to resolve legal issues and embrace the use of technology to minimize expenses.  Our family lawyer, Marla Gilsig has been practicing for over 30 years and is creative at problem solving, mediating disputes, collaborative settlements and drafting family law agreements.

Whether you are entering into a relationship, recently separated, or have ongoing support or parenting issues, we can help you navigate the legal process and protect your rights.  Canadians are increasingly seeking relationship agreements … Read more »

Affordable Quality Divorce Mediation

Vancouver Skyline Reflections

Vancouver Skyline Reflections

Client Intake Process:  Initial intake process is done using email and phone by our Office Administrator.  Simply send an email to with requesting a mediator to mediate your family separation or divorce dispute.  Your spouse and you will asked to complete an intake questionnaire.  When your spouse and you are ready, an appointment with Marla Gilsig, family mediator, will be scheduled with each of you.  This is a chance for you to tell your story and explore your underlying issues and goals to prepare for the joint mediation sessions and have your questions answered.  

During the joint mediation sessions, the two of you and Marla Gilsig will sign an Agreement to Read more »

What are the Advantages of a Separation Agreement? Vancouver BC Family Lawyer Answers Your Questions


What is a Separation Agreement?  A separation agreement is a written binding contract of how a couple, common law or married, have settled the issues arising from the end of their relationship.  In British Columbia spouses are separated pursuant to the BC Family Law Act, if a spouse has communicated to the other spouse that he or she had decided that the spousal relationship has ended and even if the spouses are still living in the same home.  If you have separated, and if you have children, assets, debts, pensions, businesses or need financial support, it is best to have formal written agreement.  Separation and separation agreements have a serious and long-lasting impact on your Read more »

Collaborative Process Is For Divorcing Couples Who Want A Healthy Transition And The Best Separation Agreement

12391435_192385974441516_971157875868647436_n.jpg North Shore Mountains Dec 2015Have you and your spouse separated and are now seeking an alternative to the court-based process which is expensive, time consuming and adversarial?  Are you and your spouse seeking a dignified and low-conflict method to divorce?  The Collaborative Divorce Process is an out of court dispute resolution process that uses innovative and non-adversarial techniques to ensure that the issues arising from your separation are dealt with in a manner that maintains and promotes the interests of your children, your spouse and you.

Visit the Collaborative Divorce Vancouver website to learn more about this respectful process for resolving family disputes

The Collaborative Divorce Process is an excellent process for you and your spouse if:

  • You both want to resolve and
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