August 2, 2011



GILSIG FAMILY LAW AND MEDIATION Family Lawyer and Collaborative Lawyer and Family Mediator


GILSIG FAMILY LAW specializes in family law settlements 
because we want to protect our clients’ wealth and health.
We find practical and effective solutions to separation and divorce issues using the collaborative divorce process, an innovative out of court process.  Our family lawyer, Marla Gilsig, has been practicing for over 30 years and is creative at using the collaborative divorce process to help her clients reach a settlement of their separation and divorce issues.  The collaborative divorce process uses a team approach to support the separated spouses during their negotiations while educating them about how to co-parent, calculate support payments and divide up the family property to ensure the spouses make well-informed decisions when entering into their separation settlement agreement.  Each spouses has their own collaborative lawyer to ensure that their parenting and financial interests are protected during the settlement process while divorce coaches, financial advisors, and child specialists support the family during this transition.

For Vancouver Family Lawyer and Divorce Services, please email us today at and our office administrator will be happy to assist you with our intake process and speak to you at mutually convenient time.


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