Mediator Marla Gilsig Helps Divorcing Couples Create Affordable Separation Agreements

10783493994_d92c35502d_hDivorce should not be a naughty word that conjures up images of a couple sparring like two wrestlers vying for a bloodied crown.  Marriages do not always last forever, get over it.  Your future will not be determined by your divorce unless you choose to turn it into a three ring circus where the only elephants performing are you and your spouse.   Yes, divorce is a fragile time for your family and it has never been more important for you to collaborate with your spouse to reach a divorce settlement in which your children and  your finances are the priority.

After years of battling in court on behalf of family law clients, my mission was to change the … Read more »

July 2, 2014


Co-Parenting Tips For Your Summer

image001Your kids love the hot summer months and being out of school, but parenting during the summer can be a ton of work.  Every parent needs to be a strategic planner co-ordinating summer school, day camps, sleep away camps and the family vacations.  The challenge of planning a summer for divorced parents or blended families is even tougher, but it can be done successfully.

I am a family lawyer in Vancouver, British Columbia and over the years I helped many clients develop parenting schedules to navigate even the sticky summer months.  First I suggest my clients bring down the tension levels and have a healthy perspective because this is only one summer in a lifetime.  Next I recommend … Read more »

Families Change: The Unbreakable Bond of Parenting

A recent key speaker was Professor Patrick Parkinson an internationally recognized expert on children and divorce and a family law professional who brings a perspective of many years as a legal scholar, researcher, and family law reformer.  Professor Parkinson is one of the world’s leading family law academics, with a particular expertise on parenting after separation, child support and complex property matters.  His books include the Indissolubility of Parenthood (2011) and The Voice of a Child in Family Law Disputes (with Judy Cashmore, 2008). He is a professor of law at the University of Sydney Law School and a specialist in family law, child protection and the law of equity and trusts.


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