Exploring Gilsig Divorce and Family Mediation Services

I provide divorce and family mediation services that include:

  • Offering a neutral place for you and your former spouse to meet;
  • Discussing and guiding the mediation process;
  • Setting the tone for the meetings to provide for constructive dialogue;
  • Helping to define the issues you both need to resolve;
  • Facilitating understanding and communication between you and your former spouse about the issues;
  • Keeping your discussions on track;
  • Helping you gather and keep track of information and documents;
  • Teaching you and your former spouse skills for better communication and cooperative problem solving;
  • Helping you maintain a working relationship with your former spouse which is particularly important if you have children because you will need to keep in contact while they are growing up;
  • Helping you both focus on the best interests of your children;
  • Helping you reach agreement; and
  • Summarizing your agreement, orally and in writing.

Because I am a lawyer who is also an accredited family law mediator, I can also provide the following services:

  • Advise you and your former spouse of the legal issues involved;
  • Inform you and your former spouse of the court’s probable disposition of the various issues arising from the breakdown of the marital relationship; and
  • Prepare any agreement between you and your former spouse in addition to the memorandum of understanding that records the results of the mediation.

What is the next step?

You and your former spouse may decide to engage in family mediation to resolve all or some of the issues arising from the breakdown of your relationship. If you are interested in finding out more about how family law mediation can help you contact Marla Gilsig, to book a pre-mediation interview.


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