Affordable Quality Divorce Mediation

Client Intake Process:  Initial intake process is done using email and phone by our Office Administrator.  Simply send an email to [email protected] with requesting a mediator to mediate your family separation or divorce dispute.  Your spouse and you will asked to complete an intake questionnaire.  When your spouse and you are ready, an appointment with Marla Gilsig, family mediator, will be scheduled with each of you.  This is a chance for you to tell your story and explore your underlying issues and goals to prepare for the joint mediation sessions and have your questions answered.  

During the joint mediation sessions, the two of you and Marla Gilsig will sign an Agreement to Mediate.  Ms. Gilsig will assist the two of you to uncover common ground as well as explore your options for resolving areas of disagreement.  During the process, Ms. Gilsig will provide legal information to assist the spouses in making well-informed, educated decisions but mediators cannot give out legal advice.  The mediation process takes from 3 – 5 sessions to complete.  Our mediation services are consistently ranked the best for quality and affordability.

Family Law Mediation:   In British Columbia, mediation is the an alternative to the traditional court process of dispute resolution.  Family Law Mediation is designed to help the spouses negotiate a settlement of their differences and promote their peaceful restructuring.  Mediation is considerably less stressful, costly and time-consuming that pursuing court-related channels to resolve family disputes.  The mediation process allows for a greater sense of control and autonomy for the spouses/parents which is important because know one knows your family better than the two of you.  It allows for more flexible settlement options than those available under a court order.  Mediation leads to a more effective financial restructuring and positive co-parenting experience.

Family Law Mediator, Marla Gilsig:   For over 30 years, Marla Gilsig has been a family lawyer who uses the mediation process to help her clients negotiate separation agreements.  Ms. Gilsig is an experienced family mediator who has a proven track-record for helping spouses come to an agreement about the issues arising from their separation and divorce process.  Her clients, the spouses, are encouraged to maintain clear and respectful communication with each other, and are guided in clarifying their goals for themselves and their children.  Family mediators can only provide Memorandums of Understanding.  However, Ms. Gilsig is also licensed to draft the Separation Agreement because she is a “family law mediator accredited by the Law Society of British”.    

Separation Agreement:   If your spouse and you have decided to separated, then the next step is to negotiate a separation agreement.  Your spouse and you need a written separation agreement because:   1. Separation agreements describe how the estranged spouses will reorganize and manage their family after separation or divorce    2. It will be referred to when each of you gives notice to the various government levels that you are separated spouses which impacts your income taxes, receipt of child benefits and your medical service plans   3. It tells the two of you how you divided your assets, debts and liabilities for the reorganizing of your family property including arranging with third parties for the sale and transfer of any assets or debts    4. When you apply to the court for a divorce order, your application generally needs to refer to the terms of your separation agreement.   5. Resolve estate issues arising from your spousal and parental relationship.  You want your separation agreement to be binding and enforceable and therefore hire a family law mediator to draft it and then your estranged spouse and you each obtain independent legal advice from a lawyer who also witnesses their signature and signs the Certificate of Independent Legal Advice.