Mediator Marla Gilsig Helps Divorcing Couples Create Affordable Separation Agreements

10783493994_d92c35502d_hDivorce should not be a naughty word that conjures up images of a couple sparring like two wrestlers vying for a bloodied crown.  Marriages do not always last forever, get over it.  Your future will not be determined by your divorce unless you choose to turn it into a three ring circus where the only elephants performing are you and your spouse.   Yes, divorce is a fragile time for your family and it has never been more important for you to collaborate with your spouse to reach a divorce settlement in which your children and  your finances are the priority.

After years of battling in court on behalf of family law clients, my mission was to change the process of divorce.  In 2010 I transitioned my law practice from litigation to family law mediation and became a full-time accredited family law mediator.  My mediation process allows the families to manage the mediation process and I help the divorcing couple navigate the complex emotional and financial issues associated with the end of a marriage.

My mediation process encourages the couple to collaboratively work together as much as possible to create their agreement.  Mediating with me is 60% more efficient and less expensive than going to court.  And equally important, I help the couple to shift their conversation about divorce from it being a war to it being a chapter of your life.  I am skilled at helping spouses minimize the pain and struggle and focus on protecting their children and finances.  If needed, I have a network of child development professionals or finance specialists to assist my mediating clients.

When a couple mediates with me, I provide them with the tools to define the terms of their divorce, including preparing adaptable co-parenting and support payment schedules and preparing the interim and final division of property schedules.  My mediation clients do not pay huge legal and court filing fees, and because mediating with me is so cheap, the couple do not end up spending money on a divorce process that surpasses the value of the property the coupe are trying to split.

Given that I am a family lawyer as well as a family mediator, I am permitted to draft the final divorce agreement for the parties.  This is a huge advantage because family mediators are not permitted to draft the agreement and only produce a memorandum of understanding that still needs at least 10 hours of work to convert it into a divorce agreement.

In the world of divorce, where the cost is often a sky-high unknown, I provide my clients with a pricing range upfront.  The pricing depends on the complexity of the divorce and the number of specialists needed.  My most expensive mediations are still 60% cheaper that divorce litigation and usually result from families with complicated estates and high net-worth.

If you want a discreet, fast and affordable divorce agreement and do not want to spend thousands on a divorce lawyer, then start your divorce today with Gilsig Family Law and Mediation.  Visit our website at and send a confidential email to [email protected]