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October 25, 2011- CLE-TV: Clients with Disabilities that Affect Communication

I am delighted to be speaking to the profession about overcoming barriers to client communication and best practices for dealing with clients facing communication issues on CLE-TV this October 25, 2011. 

Why this Course Is Essential

The leading complaint about lawyers received by the Law Society of British Columbia relates to poor client communication. Aside from failure to contact clients at all there are other problems with lawyer-client communication that raise professional and ethical issues for lawyers. It should be reasonably obvious to practitioners that clear and effective communication is critical to the success of the lawyer-client relationship.  However, more clients than ever are  dealing with aging, disabilities and ESL issues, which increase barriers to clear communication and … Read more »

Marla B. Gilsig’s Bio for Accessibility Law

Marla B. Gilsig is a lawyer and mediator from Vancouver, BC. Her research and pro bono legal work have focused on human rights law. Ms. Gilsig is an equality rights expert who promotes accessible legal services for clients who face communication barriers.

Throughout her career, Ms. Gilsig has made an outstanding contribution to the disability rights movement in Canada. She has championed equal access to our healthcare, legal, and education systems and professional bodies for people with disabilities, and she has published on access to justice issues.

Most recently, Ms. Gilsig managed equality rights litigation as part of the legal committee for West Coast Legal Education & Action Fund. This included a precedent setting family law and disability … Read more »