Communication & Accessibility Services

Ms. Gilsig has extensive experience working with clients and families who have members who are elderly or who have a disability. A useful skill given that approximately 70% of the families in Canada have members who are elderly or who have a disability.

Marla Gilsig is a knowledgeable and compassionate family lawyer who has strong network in British Columbia, and in particular, Family Lawyer Vancouver.

Ms. Gilsig is a Family Lawyer, trained Collaborative Lawyer and a certified Family Law Mediator. Please see our Collaborative Family Law Practice Page to learn about Ms. Gilsig’s collaborative law services. Then view our Family Mediation Services Page to learn more about Ms. Gilsig’s family law mediation services.

Reach a wider audience by making your law practice or organization accessible to people with disabilities that affect communication. Marla Gilsig, a Vancouver Family Lawyer,  has developed a Communication & Accessibility toolkit for lawyers and organizations to help  identify and target critical issues that hinder effective communication with clients and consumers experiencing communication challenges.

The Marla Gilsig Difference

  • A GILSIG Compliance Audit or Assessment provides clients with a detailed report including a customized plan, specific recommendations, and steps to address accessibility challenge
  • While other accessibility organizations or businesses rely on non-lawyers to complete compliance audits, the point of difference is that Marla, a practicing family lawyer, carries out a hands-on audit of your law practice or organization and can provide you with legal advice on potential exposure to professional liability or human rights complaints.
  • Ms. Gilsig educates her clients about pertinent professional and human rights legislation and cases and provides feedback on any systemic issues revealed during the course of the assessment or audit.
  • Marla works directly with each client and provides a range of customized solutions to address your firm’s or organization’s unique needs.
  • Ms. Gilsig has been a member of the disabilities community since early childhood. As a result, she understands the culture and terminology.  As a baby boomer, Marla is also part of the Canadian elder community. 

Assess and Identify Communication Roadblocks

  • Communication Assessments and Audits: After interviewing key stakeholders and reviewing communications procedures and protocols Marla Gilsig identifies and reports on key problems or barriers and then provides clear, actionable strategies for achieving professional and human rights communication compliance for law firms and organizations. 

Reduce or Eliminate Communication Barriers

  • Education & Training: On site and off site professional educational courses on professional and human rights responsibilities.
  • External Investigations: High quality investigations and reports on client communication breakdowns to improve work environment and reduce exposure to liabilities.  As a practicing lawyer Marla is able to easily collaborate with her clients’ regular lawyers, as needed.  This limits conflicts of interest or waiver of solicitor-client privilege if either is of concern in a given case.  Marla also provides feedback on any systemic issues revealed as a result of an investigation.  This service ranges from a quick assessment that is quick and cost effective to reports that are 10 pages, 25 pages or 100 pages.
  • Investigative Coaching: During the course of an internal investigation into a human rights or a professional complaint, questions may arise that your internal investigators do not know how to answer.  For example, how to communicate with a particular client or witness.   I coach an organization’s internal investigators through these types of communication challenges.
  • Policy Review and Development: Written workplace and client communication policies form the foundation of an organization’s or a lawyer’s legal defence when faced with a complaint of professional misconduct, negligence or human rights discrimination.  Properly written, communicated and implemented policies and procedures can make internal processes more attractive than other options (like formal complaints to regulatory authorities or civil litigation) for employees or clients to address their concerns.

For more information on communication and accessibility services please contact Marla. Marla is a family lawyer in Vancouver, BC who focuses on out-of-court family law including collaborative family law and family law mediation.