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January 4, 2012



Pre-Nuptial Agreements: Don’t Marry Without One

When celebrities, royalty or the wealthy marry and go through divorce, if they don’t have pre-nuptial agreement, the whole world finds out.  Quickly, the media lets us know which spouse’s failure to get a pre-nuptial agreement is going to cost them royally 😳 .  The divorces of  Mel Gibson, Paul McCartney and Katy Perry reveal that if they had had pre-nuptial agreements, they wouldn’t have had to give half of their hard earned fortune to their former spouse. 

What could have controlled their spiralling litigation costs and the financial terms of their multi-millionaire divorce settlements?  A Pre-Nuptial Agreement – a simple and cost-effective solution.  A pre-nuptial agreement is a legal document that sets out what each spouse … Read more »