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Mediator Marla Gilsig Helps Divorcing Couples Create Affordable Separation Agreements

10783493994_d92c35502d_hDivorce should not be a naughty word that conjures up images of a couple sparring like two wrestlers vying for a bloodied crown.  Marriages do not always last forever, get over it.  Your future will not be determined by your divorce unless you choose to turn it into a three ring circus where the only elephants performing are you and your spouse.   Yes, divorce is a fragile time for your family and it has never been more important for you to collaborate with your spouse to reach a divorce settlement in which your children and  your finances are the priority.

After years of battling in court on behalf of family law clients, my mission was to change the … Read more »

September 28, 2012



The Best Interest of My Client When Separating or Divorcing in Vancouver, BC

When a client is considering separating or has already separated; my role as a vancouer family lawyer is to look out for the best interests of my client.  One client may consult me and be seeking to take everything she can financially and materially from her spouse and inflict emotional revenge.  Another client may consult me and want to settle her separation and/or divorce with fairness and justice for both parties.

I advise every separating client that the legal experts point out that families who choose the litigation system to resolve their disputes, generally harm their children and dissipate their family’s assets.  The court system is not suited to deal with the complexities of interpersonal relations when separating Read more »

September 26, 2012



Gilsig Family Law: “What We Do and How We Do It”

Marla B. Gilsig, Family Lawyer, works exclusively on divorce law and family related matters, including custody, spousal support, child support, property division, and separation.  Gilsig Family Law is located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

At Gilsig Family Law our focus is exclusively on family law.  We offer pre-separation legal advice and work with clients who are going through a separation or divorce.  We assist clients with family related issues including custody and access, separation agreements, child support, spousal support, liability, division of family property, and enforcement of court orders.  We negotiate settlements for our clients using collaborative family law or mediation process and also mediate disputes.  If a fair and reasonable settlement cannot be reached we prepare … Read more »