Collaborative Family Law Practice

Tree of Life img_6501Collaborative Family Law Practice is an innovative process way that allows separated spouses to resolve their disputes respectfully and without going to court, while working with trained professionals.  It provides separating spouses the support, protection, and guidance of your own lawyers who work with them through the negotiation process, entering the separation agreement and filing for a divorce order. The Collaborative Settlement Process enables you to work with child and financial specialists, divorce coaches and other professionals who are part of your private, confidential negotiation team.

The Collaborative Settlement Process is better for separating spouses than a court litigation battle because:

1. The collaborative process is entirely based on moving you and your partner to resolution of all of the issues that are important to both of you.

2. The lawyers are not hired to go to court. While you and your partner are in collaborative practice, everyone (you and your spouse, both lawyers, and any other professionals involved in the case) are covered by a written agreement (the Participation Agreement) that says no one involved will appear in court. So long as you and your spouse are in the collaborative process, neither one of you will bring on a court application.

3.  The core element is that the parties will negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement without having court decide issues.

4. If you are not successful in resolving matters in the collaborative process, then either you or your spouse may hire a new lawyer to start a court application.

5. Both spouses agree to make full disclosure of all necessary documents and information, and agree to negotiate in good faith.

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