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British Columbia Marriage Agreements 

British Columbia Separation Agreements

Well crafted BC Marriage Agreements set expectations and let the spouses decide what is fair during the relationship and on the breakdown of their relationship. Making the commitment to enter into a common law or civil marriage is one of life’s most life-changing decisions. The decisions warrants you give careful consideration to the financial impact your marriage will have on your assets, debts and income.

By negotiating a BC Marriage Agreement, you ensure that you establish a solid foundation of mutual understanding for your shared life ahead, by defining and agreeing upon short and long financial goals and expectations right from the start.  If … Read more »

July 23, 2018


Marriage Agreements Are The Best Tool For Protecting Your Wallet And Other Valuables

Why is a Marriage Agreement the best tool for protecting your wallet?  My clients tell me that while negotiating their marriage agreement, they greatly improved the depth of their understanding of their personal finances.  The number crunching helped them to evaluate their current financial health and determine how to reach their short and long term financial goals.  Most of my clients in the past had struggled to have financial discussions with their spouses.  However, during the process the couples ability to have productive financial discussions significantly improved and they felt closer as a couple.  By the time they were ready to sign the marriage agreement, they were excited because they knew that some of their current and future … Read more »

Affordable Quality Divorce Mediation

Client Intake Process:  Initial intake process is done using email and phone by our Office Administrator.  Simply send an email to [email protected] with requesting a mediator to mediate your family separation or divorce dispute.  Your spouse and you will asked to complete an intake questionnaire.  When your spouse and you are ready, an appointment with Marla Gilsig, family mediator, will be scheduled with each of you.  This is a chance for you to tell your story and explore your underlying issues and goals to prepare for the joint mediation sessions and have your questions answered.  

During the joint mediation sessions, the two of you and Marla Gilsig will sign an Agreement to Mediate.  Ms. Gilsig will assist the Read more »

What are the Advantages of a Separation Agreement? Vancouver BC Family Lawyer Answers Your Questions


What is a Separation Agreement?  A separation agreement is a written binding contract of how a couple, common law or married, have settled the issues arising from the end of their relationship.  In British Columbia spouses are separated pursuant to the BC Family Law Act, if a spouse has communicated to the other spouse that he or she had decided that the spousal relationship has ended and even if the spouses are still living in the same home.  If you have separated, and if you have children, assets, debts, pensions, businesses or need financial support, it is best to have formal written agreement.  Separation and separation agreements have a serious and long-lasting impact on your legal rights Read more »