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July 2, 2014


Co-Parenting Tips For Your Summer

image001Your kids love the hot summer months and being out of school, but parenting during the summer can be a ton of work.  Every parent needs to be a strategic planner co-ordinating summer school, day camps, sleep away camps and the family vacations.  The challenge of planning a summer for divorced parents or blended families is even tougher, but it can be done successfully.

I am a family lawyer in Vancouver, British Columbia and over the years I helped many clients develop parenting schedules to navigate even the sticky summer months.  First I suggest my clients bring down the tension levels and have a healthy perspective because this is only one summer in a lifetime.  Next I recommend … Read more »

March 4, 2012



Quick Facts

Marla Gilsig concentrates solely on family law and divorce law.
There are time limitations that affect your rights. Find out quickly whether time restrictions apply to your situation.
Family Law is changing. There is a strong trend towards mediation over litigation and collaborative over advocacy.
Marla Gilsig is a Family Lawyer and a Collaborative Lawyer and an accredited Famiy Law Mediator.
Gilsig Family Law provides out of court dispute resolution services including Family Law Advice, Draft Cohabitation, Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements, Draft Separation Agreements, Collaborative Divorce Settlements, and Mediated Divorce Settlements
Family law matters dealt with include: Divorce, Common Law, Parenting Arrangements, Parenting Schedules, Contact, Property & Debt Division, Child Support, Spousal Support, and Mediation.

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