July 23, 2018


Marriage Agreements Are The Best Tool For Protecting Your Wallet And Other Valuables

Why is a Marriage Agreement the best tool for protecting your wallet?  My clients tell me that while negotiating their marriage agreement, they greatly improved the depth of their understanding of their personal finances.  The number crunching helped them to evaluate their current financial health and determine how to reach their short and long term financial goals.  Most of my clients in the past had struggled to have financial discussions with their spouses.  However, during the process the couples ability to have productive financial discussions significantly improved and they felt closer as a couple.  By the time they were ready to sign the marriage agreement, they were excited because they knew that some of their current and future assets would be theirs exclusively and they had more control over their monies.   My clients are rewarded for their efforts with well-crafted marriage agreements, not the cookie cutter marriage contract they enter into by default pursuant to federal and provincial legislation that applies to common law and married couples.

Who retains me to negotiate and draft their marriage agreement?  My clients fall into three relationship categories:  couples who are living together in a marriage-like relationship, couples who are engaged to be married, and couples who are married.  For high net worth clients, the separation agreement and shareholders agreement frequently provide that if they enter into a new romantic relationship, they must enter into a marriage agreement with their new partner.  Money might not be the most important thing in life, but it most certainly makes the world go round, its something that most people closely tie to their overall quality of life.  My clients want to ensure that they have the financial freedom to do the things they love and provide for their children, during the spousal relationship and if the couple separates, after the relationship ends.

The next step is to book a consult to discuss with our lawyer ABOUT getting a marriage agreement for your relationship and/or your adult child’s relationship.  Simply send an email to [email protected] and ask to book a consult for a marriage agreement.