July 17, 2012



About Marla Gilsig Vancouver Family Lawyer Services

GILSIG Family Law is a Law Firm owned and operated by Marla B. Gilsig, Barrister and Solicitor, in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Marla brings a unique combination of legal experience and perspective to the family law process.  Her daily focus is negotiating settlements and drafting family law agreements including cohabitation, marriage, and separation agreements.  Having taken training in Collaborative Law Practice and certified as a Family Law Mediator, Marla offers her clients alternatives to litigation and recognizes that collaborative law or mediation can assist in resolving disputes in a timely and economical way.


The Firm prides itself on promoting a culture in which the Firm’s clients have constant access to the lawyer and the staff for any questions or concerns.  The Firm will always give each case every resource it needs to achieve the optimal results for our clients.  Whether it is drafting a cohabitation, marriage, or separation agreement, or collaboratively negotiating or mediating a divorce settlement, the Firm is committed to ensuring that each and every client is more than satisfied with the Firm’s results.  The Firm ensures that each client has constant access to the lawyer or staff so that all your questions and concerns throughout any legal process are answered.



Initial Consultations or Annual Consultations regarding the Family Law Rights and Obligations of Couples (Cohabitation, Engaged, or Married), Parents, Adult Children, Children, and Grandparents in British Columbia;

Drafting family law agreements including: Cohabitation Agreements, Marriage Agreements (Prenuptial Or Postnuptial Agreements), Separation Agreements (Interim or Final);

Collaboratively negotiating with another collaborative practice lawyer a family law dispute including a divorce settlement;

Mediating a family law dispute including a divorce settlement; and

Drafting Wills and Powers of Attorney.




Marla B. Gilsig, Barrister & Solicitor



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