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Mediator Marla Gilsig Helps Divorcing Couples Create Affordable Separation Agreements

10783493994_d92c35502d_hDivorce should not be a naughty word that conjures up images of a couple sparring like two wrestlers vying for a bloodied crown.  Marriages do not always last forever, get over it.  Your future will not be determined by your divorce unless you choose to turn it into a three ring circus where the only elephants performing are you and your spouse.   Yes, divorce is a fragile time for your family and it has never been more important for you to collaborate with your spouse to reach a divorce settlement in which your children and  your finances are the priority.

After years of battling in court on behalf of family law clients, my mission was to change the … Read more »

Finding Divorce Lawyers In Vancouver BC

All practicing lawyers in British Columbia are members of the Law Society of British Columbia. Many lawyers are also members of the Canadian Bar Association  and its British Columbia Branch. Lawyers along with judges and court clerks are Officers of the Court and as officers of the court and as members of the Law Society, lawyers are held to high standards of conduct.  The website of the Law Society of British Columbia is an excellent resource for people who are thinking about hiring a lawyer in Vancouver or have hired a lawyer in Vancouver. 

When you hire a divorce lawyer, you can expect your vancouver divorce lawyer to provide you with legal advice, take your instructions … Read more »

Separation Agreements: Don’t Leave Your Relationship Without One!


After I successfully help my client enter into a separation agreement and obtain a divorce order, my job as a family and divorce lawyer is often done.  How did the client start the process?  Frequently, the client has consulted me for pre-separation advice over the past few years because their common law marriage or civil marriage is breaking down and the couple is seeking the help of marriage counselors.  Then the client advises me that they finally told their spouse that the relationship has ended for them and that they want to continue to have a good relationship because it is in the best interests of the children and because they don’t want to have a costly divorce … Read more »