Collaborative Process Is For Divorcing Couples Who Want A Healthy Transition And The Best Separation Agreement

12391435_192385974441516_971157875868647436_n.jpg North Shore Mountains Dec 2015Have you and your spouse separated and are now seeking an alternative to the court-based process which is expensive, time consuming and adversarial?  Are you and your spouse seeking a dignified and low-conflict method to divorce?  The Collaborative Divorce Process is an out of court dispute resolution process that uses innovative and non-adversarial techniques to ensure that the issues arising from your separation are dealt with in a manner that maintains and promotes the interests of your children, your spouse and you.

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The Collaborative Divorce Process is an excellent process for you and your spouse if:

  • You both want to resolve and settle the issues arising from your separation and divorce in a civilized manner with out the threat of court
  • You both want to protect your children and yourselves from the harm associated with litigation such as argumentative, accusatory or threatening letters between lawyers
  • You both want a strong co-parenting relationship for the child rearing years and beyond
  • You both want to remain amicable with the possibility of achieving a friendship with each other
  • You both wan to maintain the  friendships of all those connected to both of you through your social circle
  • You both want to take control of the decision-making in your situation as opposed to handing it over to a neutral third-party
  • You both want to avoid the excess costs and time associated with litigation
  • You both want private negotiations which create a confidential separation agreement instead of public court hearings and publicly filed court documents
  • You both want to understand your current financial situation and choose the best financial options for a strong future, and
  • You both want to reduce legal costs and preserve your assets.

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