September 26, 2012



Gilsig Family Law: “What We Do and How We Do It”

Marla B. Gilsig, Family Lawyer, works exclusively on divorce law and family related matters, including custody, spousal support, child support, property division, and separation.  Gilsig Family Law is located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

At Gilsig Family Law our focus is exclusively on family law.  We offer pre-separation legal advice and work with clients who are going through a separation or divorce.  We assist clients with family related issues including custody and access, separation agreements, child support, spousal support, liability, division of family property, and enforcement of court orders.  We negotiate settlements for our clients using collaborative family law or mediation process and also mediate disputes.  If a fair and reasonable settlement cannot be reached we prepare and argue motions and trials.     

At Gilsig Family Law we have clients who visit us every year for updates on how the latest family law affects them should they become a parent, cohabitate, become engaged, marry, separate, divorce, die or become widowed.  For our clients know that the quality of their family lives and their estates depend on good family law advice.  Our clients hire us to produce family law agreements from cohabitation agreements, which are increasingly in demand, to prenuptial agreements and marriage agreements, which are also known as postnuptial agreements.  When our clients are going through separation and/or divorce, we negotiate or mediate their dispute and produce a separation agreement

We understand the frustration, fear and sadness that often accompany a separation or divorce.  Marla B. Gilsig is committed to being the best family lawyer and mediator she can be, so she works exclusively on divorce and family related matters.  Ms. Gilsig will be happy to speak with you about your situation, in complete confidence.

Contact us today.  We’re here to help.