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British Columbia Marriage Agreements 

British Columbia Separation Agreements

Well crafted BC Marriage Agreements set expectations and let the spouses decide what is fair during the relationship and on the breakdown of their relationship. Making the commitment to enter into a common law or civil marriage is one of life’s most life-changing decisions. The decisions warrants you give careful consideration to the financial impact your marriage will have on your assets, debts and income.

By negotiating a BC Marriage Agreement, you ensure that you establish a solid foundation of mutual understanding for your shared life ahead, by defining and agreeing upon short and long financial goals and expectations right from the start.  If in the future, your spousal relationship ends and you separate,  your marriage agreement will be the foundation for your separation agreement which will greatly simplify the process and save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

On the other hand, if you and your spouse are preparing to end your relationship and you can agree on how you want to deal with such matters as property division, debt resolution, and child and spousal support without going to court, a BC separation agreement will ensure your new relationship is clearly documented and provide you with the financial freedom to start your new life.

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