July 20, 2011



What is the Difference Between a Family Mediator and a Family Law Mediator?

What is a family mediator?

In mediation, you and your former spouse work with a family mediator, one who is specially trained to help you reach an agreement. Family mediators are neutral third parties who can help you reach an agreement on a variety of issues, including guardianship, parenting schedules, support payments, and the division of property and debts. A family mediator may be a psychologist, counsellor, social worker or lawyer who has been trained to be a family mediator. In BC, most family mediators are members of Mediate BC and Family Mediation Canada.

What is a family law mediator?

In British Columbia, the Law Society of BC offers accreditation for family lawyers who wish to become family law mediators. BC lawyers who are practising members of the Law Society may qualify to practise “family law mediation” and use the title “family law mediator” by fulfilling the requirements set by the Practice Standards Committee. Family law mediators can provide services in addition to those performed by unaccredited family mediators. The Law Society provides that among other things, a family law mediator may:

  1. Inform you of the legal issues involved;
  2. Advise you of a court’s probable disposition of the issues; and
  3. Prepare any agreement between you and your former spouse in addition to the memorandum recording the results of the mediation.

Marla Gilsig is an accredited family law mediator. She is able to perform all of the services of both a family mediator and a family law mediator. Visit her Bio page. Contact her to discuss if family law mediation will be a good fit for you and your former spouse.


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